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214-5427 Fuel Injector Solenoid


Loga, Niger

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214-5427 Fuel Injector Solenoid ET #VE cam plate 2466110125# #214-5427 Fuel Injector Solenoid# #C7 Diesel Fuel Injector 387-9427# #Diesel Electronic Solenoid Valves 312-5620# Tina Chen Whatsapp: 86-133/869/01379 For us, to be a supplier ( Passed ISO9001,ISO9001 TS16949 )for diesel fuel injection parts, Such as common rail nozzles,VE, Lucas rotor head, elements, diesel injectors etc. CERTIFICATION ISO9001:2015 RÉUSSIE. Our major Diesel Parts products to the market: - Common Rail Nozzle - Common ...

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Loga, Niger

Loga, Niger
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